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Testing a service

Testing a service

To test a service as an administrator, follow these steps:

  1. Click Test Service for the service you want to test.

  2. Confirm that you have read the Conditions of Sale and the Service Schedule by setting a check mark in each box.

  3. Click Test for free.

Your test option is booked.
  1. Click OK.

The duration of the test option is 1 month. An organization can book a test option only once.You will be informed about the upcoming end of the test period via email and via system notification.You can also end the test period for a service early by upgrading the booking to use the service on a long-term basis.

Information: You can also contact SEEBURGER for services that do not have a test option in the Cloud Shop to ask if you can test these services. The SEEBURGER employee will then discuss your requirements with you and provide a test option if necessary.

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