What is the Cloud Integration Managed Service?

What is the Cloud Integration Managed Service?

The Cloud Integration Managed Service at SEEBURGER is a service that allows customers to delegate all integration tasks to SEEBURGER.

SEEBURGER provides and maintains the integration platform, the BUSINESS INTEGRATION SUITE (BIS), in the Cloud, and performs all integration tasks. Your participation consists mainly in informing your trading partners about your cooperation with SEEBURGER and in testing. Your participation is also needed for the initial configuration of your system.

That means in detail, SEEBURGER takes care of maintaining and updating the platform, monitoring processes, system and infrastructure components, and troubleshooting. You, are informed about the performance of the service in a monthly SLA report. You can also monitor the processing of your messages in the app Message Tracking which is available in your BIS Portal. If you want to make changes on the agreed processes within the service, you can make a change request at SEEBURGER. SEEBURGER then takes care of implementing this change.

If you want to have the processing of your messages tested before going productive, you can book a separate test system for your Cloud Integration Managed Service.

The customer journey explains step by step everything needed to make your Cloud Integration Manages Service work:

> Customer journey

The graphic below illustrates the Cloud Integration Managed Service:

The next graphic illustrates how the Cloud Integration Managed Service can be connected to the systems of your trading partners:

The Cloud Integration Managed Service offers several protocols which can be used in order to connect to your backend systems within your networks, and to external systems or trading partners. Which protocol should be used depends on the capability of the system to which a connection needs to be set up.

Find more information on backend connectivity here:

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Find more information on external partner and application connectivity here:

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