System maintenance



SEEBURGER provides an automatic real-time monitoring which is available 24/7. The standard monitoring checks are configured during the provisioning of the Cloud Integration Managed Service system, the custom process monitoring checks are configured during the go-live period.

    The SEEBURGER monitoring system covers the following areas:

  • monitoring of the core components of the Cloud Integration Managed Service platform: network components, database and server environment, and applications operated by SEEBURGER

  • monitoring of the KPIs for performance and availability

    > Accounting and reporting

  • evaluation and management of events triggered by the monitoring system

An automatic monitoring check is implemented on the Cloud Integration Managed Service system which monitors for error events. An error event triggers the event management. In the event management, events are evaluated and aggregated. The event management decides if an incident is created in case of system errors or the event can be ignored.

If necessary, incidents are created in the SEEBURGER Service Desk. Here, the incidents are analysed and the system errors are resolved. You are informed via email about the incident and its solution.

    Categories for notifications on system errors can be:

  • availability

  • backend system availability (network)

  • availability of the external communication interface

  • general service performance

In case of process errors, events are aggregated as well. You get an information via email, but SEEBURGER is responsible for resolving the error (in cooperation with you, if needed).

Information: Besides of the error alerts, the monitoring system also sends important maintenance information via email. For these purposes, you need to provide an email address to which these notifications can be sent.

We recommend to use a generic address, e.g. the email address of your helpdesk and not the email address of a single person.

    Categories for alerts on process errors can be:

  • processing rules are missing

  • communication errors

  • conversion errors

  • stopped processing (pause)

  • long running processes

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