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Message Tracking

Message Tracking

If you are assigned the rights to use Message Tracking, you can find the app Message Tracking in the BIS Portal. The app is ready to use.

Find more information on assigning user rights here:

> User management options

Message Tracking is an app for monitoring the processing of messages within the Cloud Integration Managed Service workflow. You can use it to check the processing status of your messages. This is especially useful for the specialist departments of your company, when they want to know if a message has been sent etc.

You can use Message Tracking also to identify issues like conversion errors (e.g. invalid EDIFACT format) and communication errors with your trading partners or your backend systems. You can check logfiles for specific processes and filter the data on a high level perspective, like business process, partner, status etc.

Typical error sources (such as simple syntax errors, message contents/master data errors) can thus be identified.

Message Tracking is meant for monitoring and checking the BIS processes in a general overview.

Information: Information stored in the Message Tracking is stored for 60 days per default and is automatically deleted thereafter. An individual storage period can be specified in the service schedule.

You can find a user manual for Message Tracking in the app Documentation in your BIS Portal.