System setup

Connection types from network perspective

Connection types from network perspective

To connect your system to the SEEBURGERCloud Integration Managed Service system, SEEBURGER implements standard solutions which are maintained by SEEBURGER and delivered as part of the application. During the start of your project, the configuration details for your Cloud Integration Managed Service system are discussed with you. SEEBURGER then takes over the implementation of your configuration.

    The following communication adapters supported by the BIS system are available by default, further communication adapters can be requested:

  • https

  • SFTP Client

  • Web Service

  • SLMP

  • FTP Client


  • Email Client

The configuration of the communication adapters, in particular the creation of lists, external URLs and IP addresses for internet-based communication, is the responsibility of SEEBURGER and needs to be requested.

    For these communication adapters, the following connection types are available:

  • internet

  • VPN

  • MPLS

Note: It is your responsibility to choose which type of connection you want to use based on the network environment specifics on your side.

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